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Guest mix I provided for the fantastic Mistique Music Showcase, aired on late December 2012, recorded live on CDJs and Xone DB4 mixer with some of my favourite current and recent tech-house, techno, and progressive tunes. Enjoy!

Francois Dubois & Jay Leblone - Spanish Fly 
Jewel Kid - Tempo Definition 
Wehbba - Eggshell 
D. Diggler - System 24 
Morfogen - Mantis (Eric Sneo Remix) 
Layo & Bushwacka! - What Do You Say Now 
Miki Litvak - Pollinator (Gary Beck Remix) 
Timo Maas - The Agent 
Ramon Tapia - Y Not 
Guy J - Sahara (Dub Mix) 
Andre Sobota - Technicolour 
Pig & Dan - Relentless 
Tom Hades & Spektre - Scintillate 
Boss Axis - Find’n’hide

Episode 32, the final one for 2012 is here! Recorded live on CDJs and Xone DB4 mixer, an hour of my favourite new and tested prog-house, tech-house and techno tunes:

16 Bit Lolitas - The Cream 
Amethyst, Lenny Lenoks - The Race (Beat Syndrome Remix) 
Vinayak^A - You May Sit and Wonder (Rich Curtis Remix) 
Biologik - Break Me Down (Silinder Remix) 
Yana Heinstein - M(armelada) 
Dominik Eulberg - Die Blaue Sekunde 
Rodg - Incognito Cognito 
Dark Soul Project, Solar Sphere - Sunshine Night (Nikko Z Remix) 
Spirit Catcher - Sedona 
Rich Curtis - Lower My Voice (Pig & Dan Remix) 
Butch - LED Ceiling 
Pherox - Gabrielle (Beroshima DigiCut) 
Andre Sobota - Modest’s Romance

Guest DJ mix I recorded Live, on CDJs and Xone DB4 mixer. Aired on Jan 16, 2013:

16 Bit Lolitas - Deep Space Girls 
Rich Curtis - Lower My Voice (Tim Penner Remix) 
Robert Miles - Antimony (Max Pollyul Hypnotica Remix) 
Zenbi - Kick Back 
Oliver Lieb - Yarra 
Rob Clouth - The Bridge And The Lights 
Kris Menace - Lone Runner (Kolsch Remix) 
Phonogenic - Desenjumi 
Boss Axis - Challenger 
Cerebro - Factory (DJINXX Remix) 
FortDax - Fortune Telling Fish (Rich Curtis Bootleg) 
Der Dritte Raum - Trommelmaschine (Alexander Kowalski Remix) 
16 Bit Lolitas - Nuclear Power Pants

Guest DJ mix I recorded Live, on CDJs and Xone DB4 mixer. Aired on Feb 26, 2013:

Odesza - Today 
Applescal - Lonely People 
Iketa - Burn (Max Cooper Remix) 
Guille Quero & Sound Process - Denial (Lonya Remix) 
Solarity - Apricots 
Willy Real & David Prap - Fashionista (Teho remix) 
Solarity - Microtones 
Alan Live - 2am 
Matthew Lima & Maiki - Shambles (Squire Remix) 
Pig & Dan - Naked Nuns (Dark Mix) 
Politeca - Reverso (Matthias Vogt Mix) 
Future Beat Alliance - Orbit Head 
Vince Watson - Kaleidoscope 
James Holden - The Wheel

My guest DJ mix for the awesome Time Differences radio show, recorded live with CDJ2000s and an Allen & Heath DB4 mixer, tracklist as follows:

Jamie Anderson & Art Bleek - Pico (Version 3) vs Supernova - Last Night In NY (Marcelo Vak & Alex Roque Remix) [Rich Curtis Mashup] 
Guy Mantzur - Let It Rise 
Supernova - The Circle 
Jondi & Spesh - Cycle Three (Issac Remix) 
Paolo Mojo - Cosma 
Jaap Ligthart - Kenny Powers 
Loacs Erepams - Stellar Wind (Rich Curtis Remix) 
Max Cooper - Pleasures (Verve Remix) 
E-Spectro & Hells Kitchen - Mentalism 
Butch - Horus 
Solee - Jonalu (Oliver Lieb Remix) 
Santos - Primitive Cannible (Uner Remix) vs Pentatonik - Movements”2” (Matteo Marini Remix) [Rich Curtis Mashup]

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